NYC Mission Trip Reflections

Our 2018 Mission Trip to NYC was a success in so many ways!  There were 18 team members, and 11 of those had never been on this trip before.  Our team this year was the most diverse ever, having 11 Smoke Rise Members and 7 non-members.  All the preparation and planning that was done before we left paid off, and Clue Camp 2018 (The Future is You and Me) was a hit!  Our week’s theme was “I Am Peaceful”.  We shared ourselves and God’s Love  and “Peace” with approximately 60 children at Metro Baptist Church in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, and 20 children at Greater Restoration Baptist Church in Brooklyn.  

I loved watching and listening to everyone’s reactions to the week, but especially the newcomers.  I asked a couple of them to share their thoughts and I would like to share them with you.  

“It is ironic that our theme for the week, peace and diversity, was shown so vividly to us by these 

sweet children.” -Marsha Kelley

“I think getting to know the children was the best part.  Watching them interact with each other, and us, in such an accepting manner is what the Bible teaches us to do” -Jan Vreeland

“While instilling hope and peace, the team was able to bond and grow closer together through all of the enriching experiences.” -Doug Wagner

This Mission Trip continues to change and bless so many lives, those that we are there to serve, and those of us that are serving!

I would like to say, Thank you Smoke Rise Baptist,  for continuing to partner with these two wonderful churches in New York City!

Lynne Felton

New York Mission Coordinator

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