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Chapel renovations are nearing completion

As chapel renovations near completion, it is most appropriate to acknowledge those who have so generously given their time and skill in making this significant dream a reality. Most of the congregation will never know how much volunteer labor has gone into this project. 

On behalf of the entire congregation I would like to thank the following persons for their diligent work: Bill Blanton, Billy Buckhalt, Judi Crutchfield, Page Fulgham, Denny Goodenow, Colin Harris, Larry Holms, Mike Holt, Jim Howard, Bob Jernigan, Wade Johnson, Mike Jones, Bob Knell, Cliff Mueller, 

Gary Prophitt, Ronnie Smith, Jim Still, Karen Stitt, Bill Tyson, Doug Wagner, Sam Watkins and last but certainly not least, our two amazing leaders, Wilson Echols and Carol Ann Fulgham.

And thank you SRBC for supporting the Refresh Campaign with your financial resources. It is our prayer that this sacred space will continue to be used to the glory of God for years to come.

-Danny Vancil

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