Intergenerational Relationships

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Smoke Rise Baptist Children’s Ministry will focus on intergenerational relationships for the 2018-2019 year.  Our theme is “Coming Together – Bringing Generations Closer in Faith.” We will examine the stories of people in the Bible who learned from one another despite their age differences. In Sunday school and children’s worship we will read about Naomi and Ruth; Timothy, Lois, and Eunice, as well as Eli and Samuel.

Each month in the Crosstie, a relationship will be highlighted which is already making a difference in our church family and our children. On the Wednesday evenings prior to All Saints’ Day, our children will learn about the Saints of Smoke Rise Baptist Church. In preparation for a special recognition, we will invite people to come and talk to us about the special Saints of our church. In support of this effort, Becky will lead a Journey’s session in the coming weeks on the importance of intergenerational connections. 

Image from iOS (61)In the months ahead, we will host Grandparents’ Day, Octoberfest, and Christmas Caroling. All of these events are open to everyone as fellowship opportunities that promote intergenerational relationships that strengthen our bond as a family of faith.

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