What happens at camp…doesn’t stay at camp

Earbuds are in. Your bag is packed with more snacks than clothing. You have snuggled down with your pillow up against the bus window. There’s a temptation to leave everything that is going on in your life behind as you cruise on down the road toward camp. At first you stay with your group sizing up the other students who have come; but after your first small group session, church groups begin to merge and new relationships are budding. Each day’s rotation of Bible study, work on your mission site, and worship begin to flow freely. You’re around new people, exploring the Biblical story in new ways, and maybe even worshiping in a different way. In the midst of all this newness, thoughts of home begins to creep in. 

Maybe it was a phrase in Bible study or something the preacher said during worship. You begin to realize that you can’t leave home back at home. And maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe, just maybe, the purpose was to get away so you could think about those things more clearly; so you could listen for the Holy Spirit. By the end of the week, something has changed within you-something for the better. 

Something that happens at camp will affect how your live your life when you get back from camp. Because, what happens at camp, doesn’t stay at camp.


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