Class Profile: The Bereans

About 10 years ago, a group of people came to me asking for a Sunday school class that focused on studying books of the bible.  “Not topically, story-based or with printed literature,” they said, “but we want to go book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse.”  It worked out that three seminary trained teachers were available to rotate the teaching:  David Fite, Kendall Moore and Page Fulgham.  Page is now the sole teacher.  He and Carol Ann came to SRBC in 1995 after pastoring for 35 years.  

And so it was that this class began taking on the daunting task of studying through the whole Bible.  They started with the New Testament, occasionally alternating it with an Old Testament book.  They have now completed all the New Testament books.  It took 18 months to complete Genesis and the same for Revelation.  Page says they deserve an extra star in their crowns for staying in Revelation for that long!  All the class members contribute to the studies and bring their study notes to share.  Page says that, “It’s amazing that no matter where they are in the Bible, there is always a lesson for today.”

Congratulations to the Berean class for the progress you have made in your study!

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