Spiritual Formation

What others are saying about the courses at SRBC

A new course if beginning soon! Read about Themes in Biblical Theology below.

What others are saying about the previous course, Introduction to Church History:

Thanks to Dr. Loyd Allen for leading me and eight others on a three-month journey through church history!  We started with Jesus and the early church and moved forward through mission emphasis, persecution, power structures, conflicts, significant people and groups up to the modern church.  We learned that Christians have always been a struggling people and about the importance of what we are to do with our inherited faith.  

-Mike Jones

Ken and I enjoyed the church history class with Loyd. We learned so much during the classes!  I left every class with my brain whirring and I thought about what we talked about all the next week.  We were treated as serious scholars and had excellent resources.  We’re looking forward to more classes!  

-Ken and Debbie Stephenson

Themes in Biblical Theology

from the Christian Leadership Formation Program

Sundays 4:00 – 6:30 pm beginning July 29

The Christian Leadership Formation program (CLF) sponsored by Mercer University, is offering a new course for early Fall:  Themes in Biblical Theology.  The course will combine biblical study and analysis with theological reflection for the purpose of helping congregational leaders and all participants with their own spiritual formation as well as assisting others in a teaching, mentoring relationship.

The CLF program is for all Christians and congregational leaders who are serious about their faith and its relationship to daily life and who would like to engage in courses of study led by seminary faculty. It’s not about getting a degree – it’s about learning and growing. Themes in Biblical Theology begins July 29 at Smoke Rise, led by Dr. Colin Harris. This class meets for eight weeks excluding the week of September 2. Course fee is $175.00. Scholarship funds are available. A full description of the course is available in the lower breezeway. Contact Kathy Dobbins for info and registration details: kdobbins@smokerisebaptist.org; 770-469-5856.

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