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Renovation of the Chapel

Dear Smoke Rise Family,

Renovation of the chapel is underway. Thank you for your patience during this time of construction. All the inconvenience of detours and temporary relocations will prove to be worth it in the end.

Refurbishment will include:

• Lowering of the chancel (stage) floor which will create a larger and more versatile space as well as one that is more user-friendly;

• Construction of a portable ramp to improve handicap accessibility on and off the chancel;

• The front façade (chancel area) will see the most notable change. In addition to the lowering of the floor, the walls will be completely refaced with sheetrock and a cross will hang in the center. The original baptistry area behind the center wall will not be altered so that it may be reopened in the future should the need arise;

• Installation of new flooring;

• Painting of all walls and trim; exposed wooden beams will be cleaned and freshened;

• Plantation shutters will be installed over the windows which, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, will provide insulation. Shutters may be will be adjusted for the amount of light;

• Pews will be replaced with comfortable chairs specifically designed for a worship space.  The chairs will be finished in a rich wood tone with upholstered cushions;

• The light fixtures will be taken down, cleaned, repaired and refinished;

• Pulpit furniture will be repaired, painted and refinished;

• During the renovation period, the piano and organ will be professionally removed and stored in a climate-controlled facility.

The chapel will be closed for all of June and July. Since it is a work zone, doors will be kept locked and secured.

In every step of the planning process, the committee has been mindful of the sacredness of this space for so many as well as the important place it has occupied in Smoke Rise history. We eagerly anticipate the day when we will rededicate this space to the glory of God and to continued ministry in God’s service.

-Danny Vancil

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