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Sunday School Class Profile:  Pairs & Spares

Recently, I sat down with some members from the Pairs & Spares class for an informal interview and encouraged them to  talk about this group that has been together for a long time.  Here are their comments:

 “What works in our class is the care we give to each other.  We laugh a lot and love being together.  Everyone is encouraged to speak up – all opinions are accepted.  Even when we disagree with each other, we still love and respect each other.  We have a passion for missions, and in order to fund the organizations we want to sponsor, we hold an annual auction.  Last year, we raised funds which were divided among The Lilburn Coop  and Networks, The Gap, Wellspring Living, Edgewood Church and Honduras/Nicaragua mission trip.  A favorite social event among many others is the monthly ladies’ night out.  The men may not be as organized in doing their own thing, but they do get together also. The class teacher is Jenny Brannan who is described as faithful, accepting of everyone, with a wonderful sense of humor and someone who knows her Bible!  To sum it up, our class is more about “being” church rather than “doing” church.”


At Smoke Rise, we know that the support and sense of community of a Sunday school class are important.  It says a lot about this class that one couple drives from South Carolina each week just to be with these people.  I know these statements could be repeated in many other Sunday school groups.  We are grateful to Pairs & Spares for the gracious and willing spirit they bring to Smoke Rise!

-Kathy Dobbins

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