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Church in Conference and Luncheon

Church in Conference and Luncheon

Sunday, May 6

As the school year comes to an end and summer looms on the horizon, we will meet for our second quarter Church in Conference and Luncheon on Sunday, May 6, in the Fellowship Hall immediately following worship in the Sanctuary. You may contact Merrilee Brock in the church office to make a lunch reservation. At regular meetings of the Church in Conference, we review reports from select committees and vote on those matters referred from our committees that require a vote. 

At Smoke Rise, we are blessed to have caring, qualified and competent people who serve on our committees and diverse teams. Together our committees and teams undergird the work of our church staff and oversee the variety of tasks that help us accomplish our shared mission. Thank you to everyone who helps us accomplish the “work” of our church by serving in roles that are seen and unseen, tedious and interesting, task-oriented and creative. May God continue to bless us with the necessary resources to answer God’s call at Smoke Rise.  

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