Living Generously

Option4@2xThe Stewardship Committee is grateful for the response to our Live Generously campaign in support of the Smoke Rise Ministry Plan Budget for fiscal 2018. As of April 26 we received 203 pledges totaling $1,220,005.38. Thank you for your pledges this year and for the continued support of God’s work among us.

The Stewardship Committee

Kathy Goodenow, Chairperson

As we begin a new fiscal 2018 budget year, the Finance Committee has approved the use of reserve funds to cover our budget deficit from the previous year. We are beginning this year under a reduced budget and anticipate phasing in additional budget reductions in fiscal 2019. We are also moving into the final year of our three-year Refresh Campaign effort and will be assessing giving totals going forward. We are grateful for the ministry, missions, worship and fellowship we share at Smoke Rise. We remain committed to use wisely the gifts and resources of our church.

The Finance Committee

Jeff Kelley, Chairperson

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