How does your life intersect with Smoke Rise?

At a Wednesday night Bible study recently, I asked people to think about their last month and how their lives intersected with Smoke Rise Baptist Church. People mentioned choir, mission trips, hospital visits, Wednesday night fellowship, worship services, and many more. There were a lot of things that people at the Bible study loved about their church. Once all the events and activities were mentioned we used our original lists and added names of people that we could have invited to church. We talked about how there are plenty of people in our lives that would have enjoyed the same special moments that we did, if only we had invited them. 

I imagine many of the readers of the Cross Tie magazine could easily do a similar activity. I want to encourage every CrossTie reader to think of ways that their life will intersect with Smoke Rise in the upcoming month. Write down the activities below. Once you have created the first part of your list go back and list all of the people in your community that would enjoy participating in those activities. Lastly, call the people on the list and invite them to the activity or activities that you think they would enjoy. The newsletter is a wonderful Outreach tool. My hope is that this month each of us will use it to become ministers of Outreach for Smoke Rise Baptist Church.

-Becky Caswell-Speight

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