What does Spring Bring?

“April showers bring May flowers.” You repeat it over and over in your head as you raise your umbrella and try not to step in the ever-increasing puddles as the rain steadily comes down for the fourth day in a row. The quip reminds you that there is hope of new growth that comes with the newness of Spring. 

This hope of new growth is also abundant with our youth as well during the Spring. There’s hype about what is going to happen over the summer, but there aren’t yet big events planned with the school year winding down. Spring is a time for us to pour into the lives of the youth – spending time together, building relationships, talking through what is going on at school and at home, and taking time to play together. As we pour our lives into the lives of the youth, it is like the rain falling down on these April days: you don’t see a lot of growth right away; but without it, there is no growth at all. 

So, the next time you see one of our youth. take time to say hello or ask how their day is going. It might not seem like a lot now, but you’re planting seeds for the future.

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