Caring at Smoke Rise

Caring Hearts

Caring hearts are also forgiving hearts. Through caring ministries, we enter into the Christian practice of receiving and caring for other wounded souls without judgment or distinction. We’ve heard it said that a little love goes a long way, but Jesus didn’t call us to love only a little. A lot of love goes even farther, and Jesus asks us to love more. Through caring ministries we love in ways that do not require religious measuring sticks.

In Luke 7 Jesus says, “The one who is forgiven much, loves much, but the one who is forgiven little, loves only a little.” If you find yourself being more judgmental than caring, some honest soul searching just might uncover a hurt, grudge, or other wrong where you need to do the work of forgiveness. If Jesus’ saying has any merit, you will discover new capacity to love by learning to forgive.  


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