Connecting in Community

Our community is made up of anyone that we can connect with on any given week. The reach includes Smoke Rise, Stone Mountain, Tucker, Lilburn, Snellville, Grayson, even as far as Seneca, South Carolina. The members of our community may or may not know where our building sits. The members may or may not have visited before. They do know someone that calls Smoke Rise home.  For a church to grow it must continually attempt to reach out to this community. But how are we doing it?


The first and most effective way is so easy that a child can do it. Last year, David George invited a friend from school to our 2017 Easter Party. It was the first time that his friend’s family had ever visited. The Beaghan family enjoyed the party and have attended most Sundays after that day. Since the party, Alba and Ben have joined the church, David and Anthony declared their intent to be baptized, and in March, Anthony was baptized. This past Saturday, the Beaghans and David arrived for the 2018 Easter Party, much like the year before. This time though they all came early. They helped prepare a party that welcomed the community to the place where our church calls home. They helped provide a way for people to get to know the church that they both so obviously love.  They provided outreach to the community.


Who are your friends? Who are your neighbors? Who do you go to school or work with? Do they know about Smoke Rise? Have you extended an invitation to them to join you for an event? Our reach extends as far as our members do. And it is everyone’s job to share with the community the joy that Smoke Rise brings.


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