Nicaragua Trip Spectacular

Every morning we would wake up to this amazing view of the lake just below our rooms. The cool nights made great sleeping weather. The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee grown just outside our window on the organic coffee plantation was a smell that told us a great day of ministry was about to begin.


Our Honduras partnership team was experiencing Nicaragua for the first time. Over the course of the week, we built ovens and stoves, laid concrete floors, conducted a Bible school and led a sports academy. As always, our team was great, serving in whatever way they were asked. Honduras Outreach has partnered with Comunidad Connect to serve the people of the town of Los Robles.

Here are two quick stories:

When I visited this village a year ago to gather information to recommend Nicaragua to our team, I met a very old man named Francisco. He lived alone in one of the worst houses I have ever seen. Walls and roof were falling in and floors were rotted out.  He had no visible means of income, except weaving baskets. You can see one if you come by the mission office. This year, on the second day of our work, we drove by a new house very near the soccer field.  I asked our guide who lived in the new house.  It was Francisco! The community had built him a house. While we there we noticed some of the young men of the village bringing him food. One of the most amazing things in this village is their sense of community and how they look out for each other.

Each day we met with the sports academy to talk to them about how to develop character through sport. On the second day, a single girl showed up to play with the group of boys. She was a very good athlete and I was proud of how the boys accepted her on the team.  The team has only one set of gloves that are shared by everyone. No one has his or her own glove or bat or ball. But after practice that day, the academy director, Ronald, told me that the girls’ dad was really struggling to raise her by himself after losing his wife. That day, he presented her with her own glove, appropriately bright pink.

-Tim Adcox

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