Live Generously

Option4@2xAt Smoke Rise, we express our commitment to “live generously” by entering into a covenant with each other to worship, learn, care, serve and give to the shared ministry and mission of our church. Sunday, March 25, is Pledge Sunday at Smoke Rise. Over the next several weeks, we encourage our members to prayerfully consider the ways that God is calling each of us to live generously as part of the Smoke Rise family of faith.

On Pledge Sunday, we will not only place in the offering plate our financial pledges of support of the General Fund at our church, but we will also be encouraged to consider all the ways that our time, talents, and resources can be used to deepen our shared commitment to Christ’s work among us.

In the weeks leading up to Pledge Sunday on March 25, we will share stories of missions and ministries that are enabled and sustained by our gifts.

Jesus said, “Wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” At Smoke Rise, one of the ways we express our collective heart and congregational commitment is through giving of our time, talent, resources, and financial support as we live generously into God’s great future among us.

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