Pray for those on the Family Mission Trip

March 9-10, 78 family members will be traveling to Asheville, NC, to serve at the Irene Wortham Center. Please choose one or two names off this list to pray for while they are serving.


-Josh, Becky, Ainsley, and Evelyn Caswell-Speight

-John, Marti, Kenzie, Grace, and Scottie Newcomb-Thompson,

-Harrison and Ashley Litzell

-Rebekah, Jose, and Charlie Edmonds

-Cecelia and Nicholas Joshi

-Ryan, Kelly, Hannah Claire, Caroline, and Edie Cate Jowers

-Alex and Amanda Burton

-Scott, Ruth, Dora, Abby Kate Lee

-Tripp, Andrea, Ellie, Beau, and Stella Kate Andrea

-Jeremy, Laura, Blaine, Molly, and Liam Colliver

-Joe, Teri, Olivia, Evie, and Maive Moore

-Nathan, Kristy, Teresa, Chandler, Logan, and Lela Jane Reed

-Bart, Stacey, Mattie, and Evie McNiel

-Aaron, Alexis, Oliver, and Miriam Weaver

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