Let the Little Children Lead Them

Lent is the season on the Christian calendar that begins with Ash Wednesday and continues to Easter. In an effort to help families make a stronger connection with this season the Family Ministry at Smoke Rise is giving children the chance to lead their families.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing throughout Holy Week, children will be given items to create a Lenten Altar in their home. They will also be given a devotional card to lead their family in a Lenten Devotional. Each item and devotional card will connect children and their families to our larger corporate worship.

The congregation will help by placing lenten alters in the narthex, and in Preschool Chapel. Each devotion will connect with the worship themes throughout Lent. Families will have the opportunity to pick up the devotion and altar item in the preschool area or narthex.

Adult families members will help to create the Lenten Altars by: 1. Helping non-readers 2. Providing space and time in their homes for the Lenten Altar devotions 3. Sharing their experiences on their personal social media platforms or the Family Ministry Facebook page. This digital influence will help us to educate one another and the world beyond us.

Families who are faithful to their altars this Lenten season will be sure to have a growing experience that will strengthen their relationship to their faith history and their faith family. I look forward to worshipping with each of you.

– Becky

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