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SRBC Minister Spotlight: Rev. Rebecca Caswell-Speight


When Rev. Becky Caswell-Speight was ordained for ministry she came home to Louisville, Kentucky to St. Matthews Baptist Church where she grew up and first announced her call to serve in ministry. In many ways, Becky’s work in our congregation to families and children reflects the nurture and care she experienced as a child that sparked her first sense of calling to Christian ministry.

Becky was 18-years-old when she first served as a ministry intern while attending Georgetown College in Kentucky. She interned her sophomore year at Crestwood United Methodist Church, and she moved on to her first official ministry position at Midway Baptist Church as a junior in college.

While in college Becky worked three jobs to put herself through school. Her job as a waitress led to her first opportunity to serve. While waiting tables she crossed paths with Crestwood United Methodist Church. She shared her calling to ministry with some of her regular customers, who told her about their internship program for Youth Ministry, and Becky applied for the position.

Becky married Josh Speight two weeks after they both graduated from college, and after a year of other ministry work in Louisville, they moved to Texas.

In Texas, Becky worked as Minister of Congregational Life while Josh attended Truett Seminary full time. When Josh finished his degree at seminary, they moved to Virginia where Becky enrolled at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond while Josh worked full time at a church.

After graduating with her M.Div., the couple moved back to Louisville, Kentucky where Becky served as Minister with Families at Broadway Baptist Church. In 2014, Becky accepted the call to serve as Minister to Children with Families at Smoke Rise Baptist Church.

All along the way in her ministry journey, Becky’s formation as a minister bears the marks of lifelong shepherding in her own life. Seven children are presently waiting to be baptized at Smoke Rise, and Becky is pastoring each of them through a process of Christian formation and readiness for their day of baptism. The legacy of Christian care and watchfulness that formed Becky is taking root in the lives of children and families at Smoke Rise. We are grateful for Becky’s leadership in helping to grow families closer to God and each other as lifelong disciples of Christ.

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