New Fiscal Year Information

On April 1, 2018, we will begin a new fiscal budget year at Smoke Rise. As we finish our budget year next month, please continue to honor your pledges for the 2017 fiscal budget year. Please be in prayer for our Finance Committee as they create our budget for the new fiscal year and present it to the church.

Consistent with our church by-laws and manual, we will observe the following schedule for budget approval beginning this month.

Feb. 15 (Th) – Finance Committee Vote on Budget

Feb. 21 (We) – Questions and Congregational Input Received in Conference Room (4pm-530pm)

Feb. 28 (We) – Questions and Congregational Input Received in Conference Room (4pm-530pm)

Mar. 11 (Su) – Deacon Meeting and Deacon Vote on Budget

Mar. 18 (Su) – Church-wide vote at called Church in Conference following 11am Worship

Mar. 25 (Su) – Pledge Sunday

As you pray for our Budget Preparation Committee, please also take time to pray and seek God’s guidance as you consider your pledge in support the Ministry Plan 2018-2019. Together we can touch and transform lives. God’s work in our congregation and community is enabled by the faithful gifts of our church members. At Smoke Rise, we are cultivating a culture of generosity as we seek to be good stewards of God’s gifts. Let us remember the words of Jesus, “Wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also…”  May our hands and our hearts always be open.

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