Caring at Smoke Rise

Hawa and the Circle of Grace

On Thursday, October 26th, the Smoke Rise Circle of Grace hosted a baby shower for Hawa Mohamed.  Rebekah and Jose Edmonds are friends with Hawa and her daughter, Mayi.  They met through time spent together in weekly visits to physical therapy.

Hawa and her family are refugees from Sudan.  After fleeing Sudan, they spent time in Jordan.  However, due to the complex medical needs of Mayi, who has Cerebral Palsy, the family was relocated to the United States.  Hawa, her husband Eisa, and children (Maison, Mayi, Mohamed, Mosab and Maymona) have been in the US for 4 years. Eisa works in a chicken processing plant, and Hawa has worked in a refugee center caring for children while their parents are learning English.  They live in nearby Clarkston.

Hawa shared with Rebekah how scared she was about having another child, especially in a new country.  Rebekah told her circle group about this special family and they agreed to have a baby shower for them. The night of the shower, Hawa openly shared her story with the women and girls who had gathered.  It was a story of fear, loss, and uncertainty and yet a story of determination, faith, and hope.

The circle group shared laughter, tears, birth stories and a Sudanese/Mediteranean meal with Hawa. Baby essentials were given to help Hawa and her family, but the greatest gifts were received by those who shared in the sacred space that night.

A new perspective.  New friends.  Radiant beauty.

Hawa wept as we embraced and everyone was scattering. She said, “You are my sisters. I didn’t know how I was going to make it with this baby, but now I know I can.”

Mazen was born prematurely on November 15, but is doing surprisingly well.  God’s timing for the gathering with Hawa could not have been more perfect.  Please pray for this beautiful family, and that the Smoke Rise Circle of Grace will find more opportunities to love them in the days to come.

Read the article as it was printed in CrossTie.

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