Givers of Gratitude (Edgewood Church)

There is a whole parade of people who have changed the way we come home. They are young and old, black and white. They are the solitary homeless people we have known – the people with nothing and no one. How far would we have to fall to have nothing but the clothes on our backs to call our own? Spending time with these folks, getting to know them and their stories changes the way we come home, especially on cold days. Stepping through the door into a warm house full of people who are happy to see us is never the same after that. Looking into a cabinet full of food or a closet full of clothes is never the same after a day like that.

Whatever good we might have done for these people, they have given us more. They have helped us see how astoundingly rich we are.

Nathan Dean, Co-Pastor Edgewood Church

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