Advent greetings from New York!

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”

Advent greetings from New York! 

From Lesley-Ann Tommey Hi

Smoke Rise sponsored field personnel

As we enter this season of waiting for our Christ to enter our world, to speak healing into the injustices around us and to bring light to the dark places, will you join me in praying for this Hell’s Kitchen community? Pray for those in our community who are food and housing insecure. Pray for those who will be tremendously affected by the colder weather. Pray for those who are lonely.

lesley-ann (1) copyAs a mentor in our Homecoming Life Skills Empowerment Program, I am hearing the stories of veterans who have also experienced the trauma of homelessness. Lately, they have been expressing the pains of loneliness they’re currently feeling. For one reason or another, they’re isolated, and this safe space of reflection and healing they’ve entered into through the program is their first experience of community in a while. To me, that’s a huge bright spot. This veterans community is one of the biggest places I am seeing powerful light right now. They have graciously invited me into their stories, and it’s saving me. The space we share together every Thursday is incredibly holy, and the relationships that are forming offer desperately needed companionship.

What light are you experiencing right now? Every day I remind myself, through prayers of thanksgiving, that this light spreading is not up to me. In fact, I’m lucky to even be invited to participate in overflowing grace. It’s possible I could mess the whole thing up. But still, God is bigger and more loving that we are enough, just as we are. Look for marks of light and hope this week. Thank you for being a part of the light and hope I am experiencing here.

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