Seminary Graduates Tijuana 

Since the late 1980’s, Centro Shalom – Tijuana has been serving the poor and voiceless children and adults in the Tijuana communities where the bare necessities of life are scarce.  Smoke Rise began a relationship with them about 17 years ago which has turned into a loving partnership.  While its main focus was to provide humanitarian help to the poor, they used this as an opportunity to share God’s word and love with those they served.  Over the years their focus on discipleship grew and ultimately an actual church was established as a part of the ministry to provide a place for these men, women and children to worship and learn about living a Christian life.

Several years ago Pastor Chava obtained a seminary type of bible study and began teaching the classes which were open to both men and women in the congregation. For so many reasons, the odds looked stacked against them in terms of completing this curriculum but God is good. They have been faithful and they just completed this 2.5 year program.

This picture is the graduating class during their cap and gown ceremony.  We are proud to be in a partnership with this ministry.

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