Introducing Our Deacon Leadership Team for 2018 

We are pleased to introduce our new Deacon Leadership Team for 2018:

Brian Abner, Chair

Kelly Jowers, Vice Chair

Joel McLendon, Deacon of the Day Coordinator

Joy Platé, Secretary

Nick Easom, Treasurer

Paul Durden, Asst. Treasurer

Rebekah Edmonds, Co-Family Ministry Coordinator

Lois Jernigan, Co-Family Ministry Coordinator

Teri Moore, Communion Coordinator

Carolyn Springston, Shepherd Ministry Coordinator

Our new Chair of Deacons, Brian Abner, has been a member of Smoke Rise since he joined with his family in 1976. His parents, Jimmy and Pat Abner, are also members at Smoke Rise. When the Abner family joined Smoke Rise, Brian, his brother Joey, and his father were all baptized together. “It was a special day for us when we were all baptized together at Smoke Rise,” said Brian.

Brian volunteers as a Sunday School teacher and worked closely with the leadership team that started our Park Springs Satellite service. Over his many years at Smoke Rise, Brian has served in a wide variety of service and leadership roles. He is married to Martha Abner and previously served alongside Martha teaching youth Sunday School. Martha has also served as a deacon at Smoke Rise and in many other areas of service and leadership.

Of the new deacon leadership team, Brian said, “When I was looking at pulling together what I consider a top-notch deacon leadership team, I was blessed to have such a wonderful group of servants to consider. We have multi-generational people on our leadership team.  All of these people are dedicated to Smoke Rise as their home church, in fact, as deacons, we all have a deep love for this church.”

In his reflection on deacon service, John 15:5 stands out as a scripture passage for Brian. “I am the vine and you are the branches,” said Brian. “We work under Christ’s leadership. If we are the branches, we are only as strong as our connection to Christ, who is the vine. “

“The church staff is grateful for the work our deacons do among us. We were blessed last year with a great team under the leadership of Joe Moore as Chair, and we are equally blessed as we start 2018 to have Brian Abner, the leadership team he has assembled, and for the wonderful group of women and men who will take up deacon service together in 2018,” said Rev. Bart McNiel.

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