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Annual “White Elephant” Auction Supporting Missions

For at least the past twelve years, the Pairs and Spares Sunday School Class has hosted a White Elephant Auction at its annual Christmas party to support missions.  That event has seen more fun and surprises that you’d ever imagine.  Just seeing the items that are brought to the auction is hilarious.  Last year, our donated items included a “still-in-the-box” new HDTV and children’s wind-up toys.  In the past, we auctioned the same loaf of frozen home-made bread for several years running–each year getting impressive bids!

It’s always surprising to see who bids on various items. We’ve invited ministers to attend, other SS classes and visitors, and enjoy fellowship. We have a delicious dinner before the auction begins, then turn the floor over to our very talented auctioneer, who helpfully models some of the clothing items.

All fun aside, the real purpose of the event is to raise funds for our mission partners such as the GAP in Kentucky, Lilburn and Stone Mountain Co-ops, Tijuana Missions, Honduras Missions and Edgewood Baptist Church.  Last year, we collected $4,250 from the White Elephant sale. Including our “pass the basket” time in class for the same purpose, our Sunday School class raised over $11,000 in 2016 toward these and other missions. We also have class members who pay the annual school tuition for children in Tijuana and Honduras. We are a mission-focused class that combines fun and fellowship with giving.  It’s a privilege to be a part of this group of generous, mission-minded folk who combine fun and fellowship with giving spirits.

-Marcella Howard, Pairs and Spares Class Member

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