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25th Anniversary of Service

We give thanks for Lisa Mixon who recently celebrated her 25th Anniversary of service to children at the Smoke Rise Baptist Weekday School. Her loving care of generations of children is an enduring legacy.

Lisa Mixon 2016.pngLisa Mixon and her husband Joe are members of Smoke Rise Baptist where Lisa is also actively involved in missions through Sadie’s Ladies.

Lisa was born and raised in metro-Atlanta and is a graduate of Sequoyah High School in Doraville.  She studied at Dekalb Community College to become a dental assistant.  After her children Brian and Kathryn were born, she brought them to Parents’ Morning Out and Preschool at Smoke Rise Baptist Weekday School.  She began working in Brian’s Pre-K class as a substitute teacher, when Director Pat Tooke hired her as an Assistant Teacher.  She expected that she would work while her children were small, at least until they finished elementary school . . . and then until they finished high school, and little by little, teaching at Smoke Rise became her calling.

For many years, she worked with Bobbi Jo Barton teaching Pre-K and then Kindergarten.  Over the years she also partnered with Carol Stewart, Jennifer Castleberry, Pat Greene and now Kim Free.  She is the onstant and smiling face of our Kindergarten.

When she was hired, Lisa said:  “I feel that every child regardless of ability should have the opportunity to grow and develop at his or her own level.  That learning should be a fun experience through challenging work as well as fun games.  I hope that each school day children enter the classroom with confidence that [they] can succeed, and, regardless of ability, be taught love and self-esteem.”

Over the years Lisa has perfected a math curriculum that uses the calendar, money and other manipulatives to teach basic concepts about numbers, counting, addition, subtraction and more.  As the children chant or rummage through “treasures” they learn through play.

This year, when asked “What do you like best about working at Smoke Rise Baptist Weekday School?” Lisa responded:  “I enjoy working with the children in a Christian environment where we are able to let them know that above all else Jesus loves them.  The smiles on their faces as they learn to share, give, and love one another will brighten your day.”

Thank you, Lisa, for brightening so many lives by your faithful service.

Valerie Coe Lowder

Weekday School Director

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