Years ago when Ainsley was little we had our own little traditions for whenever Josh would leave on a work trip. On our first evening without Joshua we would sit down on the floor with blanks sheets of paper and crayons and create our countdown. I’d write out a number for each day and then Ainsley would decorate them. We would then tape the countdown to one of her bedroom walls. Each morning she would jump out of bed and rush to the countdown to take a number down. Our countdown was a fun visual reminder for Ainsley that daddy was always coming home.

The season of Advent is one of anticipation, preparation and longing. We light the Advent candle during this season as a visual reminder that the long expected Christ child is near. We place decorations in our homes as visual reminders that Christ has not left us. He is living and shining among us. Take time this advent season to look at the signs all around you that Christ is near. Take time this Advent season to look at the signs all around you and remember. Like a father that returns home from a long business trip, Christ desires to hear the excitement in your voice and see to see the awe in your eyes.

– Becky Caswell-Speight, Minister to Families with Children

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