Music / Worship Arts

October Worshipping Article

At Smoke Rise Baptist Church, we are blessed to have wonderful instruments that are used to glorify God in worship. Among the very finest of these is the Bösendorfer grand piano in the Sanctuary. Considered one of the most superb pianos built, the Bösendorfer is well known for its darker and richer tone quality. This top of the line brand is also famous for building pianos with extra keys (the norm being 88). The piano in our Sanctuary Model No. 225, has 92 keys.


The Smoke Rise piano was acquired over 30 years ago from Stonecipher’s Pianos. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra had the piano on a trial basis for one year and decided to go in a different direction, so our church purchased the piano at that time.

After 30 years of wonderful use, the Music Committee agreed that it is time for the piano to undergo extensive restoration. The estimated cost of renovation is between $37,000-$40,000.  What seems like an exorbitant amount of money needed for renovation pales in comparison to the replacement cost of such a fine instrument.

Once again we realize how fortunate our Music Ministry is as the recipient of a generous gift bequeathed to us from the Nancy Jane Blair Estate. An amount of $25,000 from this gift will be placed in the restoration fund, with the balance raised through contributions.

If you would like to contribute to the restoration fund, please designate “Piano Restoration” on your check made out to Smoke Rise Baptist Church.

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