Ideas & Actions to Plains, Georgia

In August the Ideas & Actions Young Adult Sunday School group traveled to Plains, Georgia to attend Maranatha Baptist Church.  At Maranatha the group attended Sunday School led by President Jimmy Carter and heard Brandon Patterson, Pastor at Plains and McAfee student, preach during worship.  During the Sunday School hour, President Carter shared many insights into living out one’s faith and standing firm in the “unchanging principles” of Jesus.



President Carter teaching Sunday School

Following Sunday School, the group was able to worship alongside President Carter and hear a personal and powerful message of hope from Brandon. The group was encouraged by words of faith from President Carter and from their peer who is just beginning to live out his call to pastoral ministry. Brandon attended Smoke Rise this past Spring, as he was completing his contextual ministry placement hours at McAfee under supervision of Rev. Bart McNiel. On the heels of completing his time at Smoke Rise, Brandon was called as Pastor at Maranatha. Brandon is a talented preacher who cares deeply for his new congregation at Maranatha.




Brandon Patterson, former McAfee contextual ministry student at Smoke Rise and Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia.


The Ideas & Actions group was excited to be able to support Brandon as a former member of their class in his new place of service.



Ideas & Actions Sunday School Class
with Brandon Patterson, Pastor and McAfee student.


If you have never made a trip to Plains to meet and worship with President Carter, be sure to check out the online schedule for the church ( and to let Brandon know you are from Smoke Rise Baptist Church when you visit.

Marianna Hildrup,

McAfee Divinity School Student

Member of Ideas & Actions Class

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