Mission Sunday at Smoke Rise

Smoke Rise Family,

October 15 is Mission Sunday.  Missions is part of our DNA at Smoke Rise. This year we will focus our attention on one of our long-time mission partners, GAP: God’s Appalachia Partnership. John Morris, the Executive Director, will be preaching. The day will begin with a biscuit breakfast in fellowship hall at 8:45am. While you enjoy your breakfast, you will be able to visit displays from our mission partners and meet some of our missionaries.


Mission Sunday also begins our pledge period for our fourth annual mission offering. This year’s goal is $40,000. The pledge period will end on March 31, 2018.   You will soon receive a pledge card in the mail.  Please bring it with you on Mission Sunday when we will all make our pledges together.

This year a significant portion of the mission offering will go to the GAP ministry. The ministry currently rents space from an abandoned coal mine. Several months ago, without notice, the mine owner insignificantly increased their rent. They will not be able to afford another increase. In 2011 Smoke Rise, through the Hope Offering, allowed GAP to purchase land to provide a permanent home for the ministry. The time is now to help them develop this property before another rent increase.  Up to $25,000 of this year’s mission offering will go to prepare the site for immediate development with trailers to allow the continued operation of the ministry as they seek to raise funds for permanent structures.

GAP is an essential ministry to the people of Appalachia and is in danger of having to close its doors.  Won’t you help them take one step closer to having a permanent home?

Keeping the faith,


Tim Adcox

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