An Open Letter to Ms. Kristen

An Open Letter to Ms. Kristen,

For the last two years, you have taught us. You have cared for us. You have cheered us on at our swim meets baseball, soccer, softball, basketball games, recitals, and plays. Let’s be honest: you have been to more youth events in the last two years than most people experience in a lifetime.

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Thank you for listening to our fears and soothing our wounds. Thank you for showing us how to love the world exactly as you find it. Thank you for encouraging us and making us smile like only you can do.

Ms. Kristen, we are so thankful for you and for your choice to spend your seminary days at Smoke Rise matching the academic side with the practical side of ministry. We are confident that we are sending you to FBC Rome as a mature and better prepared young minister who is ready to care for your new congregants. We know that you will love them, pray for them, laugh with them, care for them, and, most of all, teach them about Jesus because you did it here with us.

As your Smoke Rise Family, we promise to pray for you. We promise to pray for FBC Rome. And we promise to continue to love God and our neighbor as you have taught us to do throughout your ministry here.

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Kristen, go with our love, go with our prayers, go with our pride and confidence in you, go with God’s richest blessing on your life and

calling to serve God’s world.

With love,

The Families of Smoke Rise Baptist Church

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