Children / Weekday School

The Weekday School

The church began Smoke Rise Baptist Weekday School in 1973.  From the beginning, the preschool and kindergarten met the needs of church families and extended our ministry to the surrounding suburb.  SRBWS established a reputation that continues to draw families to SRBC, and welcomes back younger siblings and even the children of a second generation.

Welcome StaceyAs metro-Atlanta grew and changed, SRBWS became a Christian alternative to public schools, and increasingly a way that the church welcomed families with children from farther-out Dekalb and Gwinnett counties.  Recently, a focus on community outreach, aided by scholarships provided by SRBC, has opened our doors to an increasingly diverse population.

Under the leadership of Director Valerie Coe Lowder since 2015, SRBWS has adopted the priorities established by SRBC:  worship, learn, care, serve and give.  SRBWS includes young children in worship and provides an environment to learn and practice Christian faith.  As a member of the Georgia Preschool Association, SRBWS learns about early childhood development resources and best practices, and improves our educational environment year by year.  With policies (like a commitment to being a nut-sensitive school), training (every staff member is certified in first aid and CPR, and some have further training in emergency response, anaphylaxis, recognizing and responding to child abuse and neglect, and trauma) and practices (like regular fire and tornado drills, and visiting “community helpers”), SRBWS truly cares.  SRBWS children and families serve and give by participating in food and clothing drives, supporting family mission trips, and involvement in the life of Smoke Rise Baptist Church.

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