Light In the Darkness 

SRBC_social-2Smoke Rise has had a relationship with Cornerstone Church in Snellville for several years.  Recently 7 laymen from Smoke Rise had an opportunity to assist this small congregation with a lighting problem.  They worked all day: climbing on scaffolding, pulling out old light fixtures, dodging falling insulation, enduring hot temperatures, and taking down a wall in the basement.

As Pam Durso said, “Too often I forget how much good there is in this world – that there are people who give so freely of themselves, who share so readily of their talents, and who love each other and laugh together so easily.  So here’s to you: Bill Blanton, Page Fulgham, Jim Huston, Bob Jernigan, Bob Knell, Jim Myrick, and Cliff Mueller.  Thank you for sharing your Thursday with Cornerstone and with me.  Thank you for reminding me that ministry giftedness comes in many, many shapes and sizes and sometimes is accompanied by a hammer.  Thank you for showing me that kindness is always close by.  Thank you for caring about my church and our congregation.  Thank you for bringing light into our darkness!”

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