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On July 4th our nation…

On July 4th our nation celebrates its birthday. One of the freedoms that we receive as a gift from our country is religious freedom that is established by the First Amendment to the Constitution. As Baptists, we preciously hold this gift of religious freedom close to who we are because it has been a fragile freedom for Baptists inside and outside of the United States. On Monday of the Justice & Joy Youth Choir Tour we will be visiting the Baptist Joint Committee to learn how they advocate on behalf of religious freedom in Washington D.C. and throughout the country. Our hope is that we will learn more about the First Amendment that establishes religious freedom in the United States and how we can be advocates so that religious freedom continues for all Americans.

To continue the “Justice” theme of the Youth Choir Tour we will be visiting with Bread for the World Monday afternoon to learn how to be advocates in our own communities for those things that we are passionate about. We’ll learn the political process of how an idea becomes signed into law and how individuals can impact that process along the way.

The prophets admonished us to do justice along the way. Jesus spoke woe against those who neglect justice. The Youth Choir Tour will be filled with joy, but we won’t neglect justice along the way. Pray for us as we travel to Washington D.C. to spread joy and learn how we might be better advocates for justice.

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