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Here’s What’s Happening in the Sanctuary

Sanctuary renovations and improvements are being done this month as part of our Refresh Campaign work, and will include aesthetic repair, sound technology updates, and electrical power efficiency enhancements.

The large hanging speaker box that houses dated sound speakers will be removed and replaced with new speakers that match the aesthetic appeal of the sanctuary. The new

speakers feature an updated digital sound technology that promises to enhance our ability to hear more clearly and to improve the overall experience of worship.

“We are excited about the updates to our sound technology that will soon be installed in the sanctuary. Our hope is that this will enhance worship for our members for many years to come. We are thankful for the generosity of church members who continue to support the Refresh effort,” said Mike Danishek, Manager of Multimedia.

The new sound technology will also save power by pulling on less resources from the Smoke Rise electrical panel. To support these updates to our sound technology, enhancement of ceiling access points and hanging supports are also included as part of the project.

Aesthetic renovations will include installation of new sheetrock where the old speaker box is being removed and a freshly painted sanctuary ceiling in its entirety. The floors and pews will be covered while the ceilings are painted, and our organ will be professionally sealed for protection throughout the entire process.


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