Choosing Passport

SRBC_ChoosingPassport.pngI get a flyer for a different camp in my mailbox at least twice a week. The flyers are all slick with a diversity of students smiling on one side and on the other side show a group of students sitting in a circle with Bibles in hand and heads bowed. So why do these end up being thrown in recycle and we end up at Passport every year?

Worship is thoughtful and engaging, led by college and seminary students who have also led their Bible studies and mission sites. Worship is an extension of the day instead of an add-on at the end.

Small group studies are thought provoking and stretch our students to think in new ways about what they believe and why they believe it. What is taught in Bible study doesn’t have to be unlearned later.

Students serve using their gifts, whether this be with long-standing partnerships in the community or as students discover their gifts in leadership and the arts.

Students give to ministry that matters. Over the years, students have given over $1,000,000 to global mission causes.

Students build on old relationships and create new ones. We spend a lot of time together at camp worshipping, serving, studying, and playing. All of this creates relationships where we can support each other.

Worship. Learn. Care. Serve. Give. Sounds familiar, but there is something else that Passport does exceptionally well: Passport encourages women and men to serve in the local church. Becky Caswell-Speight, Josh Speight, Valerie Lott, Chris Cherry, and this summer, Laure Fitzsimons have all served on staff at Passport and then served in the local church.

That’s why Smoke Rise chooses Passport.

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