Beans Rice Water

Poverty is a terrible thing.  Urban poverty is even more devastating.  Today there is a lot of talk about borders.  Tijuana is the busiest border crossing in the world.  The perspective changes when you put a face on it.  Ramiena is a typical example.  Her story is repeated countless times.  Her family came to cross the border and eventually abandoned her.  Most families come to the border looking for a better life, often risking all they have to make a dangerous crossing.  Usually, the father makes it across with a promise to send money and later send for his family.  In many cases, he is never heard from again.  This leaves a mother struggling to feed her children in a strange environment with no source of income.  There is no welfare system to help her.  She feels abandoned and cannot afford to go back home.  She lives in a shack put together with resources from the garbage dump.

It is in this hurting environment that we send our mission teams to aid in the work of the Centro Shalom ministry.  Bible school, worship, and food distribution are part of their work.  They also sponsor children with school supplies and educational programs.  This ministry is connected to one of the largest evangelical churches in the city that was founded by this ministry.  If God is touching your heart to be part of this team this year, look for the information on this page with details for joining the team.

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