From the Pastor

From the Pastor – June Edition

From the Pastorpro

Dear Smoke Rise Church Family,

In June, Atlanta will host the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) General Assembly.  At Smoke Rise, we have a unique opportunity to connect with Baptist brothers and sisters from across the country and Baptist missionaries serving around the world. SRBC will be playing an important part. Danny Vancil and the Sanctuary Choir, along with choristers from around the state, will lead in worship. SRBC ministers and members will lead sessions and seminars throughout the assembly.

Some of you are asking, “What is the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship?”

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is a collection of  kindred-spirit congregations that partner together in ministry and missions. The CBF was formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1991. Smoke Rise’s own, Page Fulgham actually proposed the name of this new organization. From its inception, the CBF committed to embracing our Baptist heritage and seeking to protect Baptist principles like the autonomy of the local church and the freedom to interpret the scripture.

SRBC and the CBF share a deep dedication to supporting missions and missionaries.  CBF-missions are focused on reaching out to the most neglected and overlooked people groups. The organization does not seek to compete with others, but rather to find people who are forgotten and share with them God’s love and grace.  Through the CBF, Smoke Rise Baptist Church can celebrate the fact that we literally have field personnel on mission all around the world. Last year, we welcomed Carson and Laura Foshee who are serving as CBF Field Personnel in Japan. This summer, we will be sending Kristen Pope to serve with CBF Field Personnel Missy Ward Angalla in Uganda.

Smoke Rise Baptist Church is a proud Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.

Rev. Becky Caswell-Speight and Rev. Jeremy Colliver help to write curriculum for children and youth in CBF life. We are thankful to have many national CBF staffers as part of our church family. SRBC members serve in key leadership positions throughout CBF life.

CBF has helped our congregation in so many different ways, but I wanted to share one recent example. Last June, moved by compassion, Smoke Rise members chose to love our neighbor Malik by supporting his BP station after he was the victim of a robbery.  Much to our surprise, this simple act led to stories about SRBC carried in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Christianity Today, and the New York Times. How did it happen? The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship helped us to share this story with our community, our country, and the world.

CBF General Assembly will be at the Hyatt Regency on June 29-30. I want Smoke Rise to be well-represented as we celebrate our partnership and ministry together. Please take time to read Rev. Bart McNiel’s Connection column this month to learn all of the details about this wonderful event. I look forward to seeing you at General Assembly!

God’s Peace,

Pastor Chris

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