Academy Of Arts

Summer Offerings at Smoke Rise Academy of Arts

The Smoke Rise Academy of Arts will begin their summer offerings in May with classes in drama, dance, music and art.  The Summer Drama class will begin May 1 with classes every Monday evening through the summer months.  The summer productions will be Bye, Bye Birdie (August) and Disney’s Jungle Book, Kids (September).  For students interested in a non-performance venue, two Drama Workshops will be offered in June and July.  These 5 day workshops will offer the students an opportunity to work on musical production numbers, individual scene work and improvisational skills with games and fun for all school ages.

smoke Rise Arts Academy wall decals

Musikgarten Family Music classes for children ages 1-5 will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays in June.  MUSIKGARTEN curriculum provides enriched early training in rhythm, dance and singing.  Class time includes rhythm instruments, dancing to the music, singing and clapping to the children’s favorite tunes.

Music Makers at the Keyboard will offer 5 classes in June for children ages 6-9.  This is an introductory class for the 32 week fall / spring class.  Music Makers is a graded Musikgarten curriculum designed for group piano instruction for ages 6-9.

Summer Dance classes   will meet Thursdays June – July for children ages 3 – 12 and adults.  Young dancers will work tap and ballet, older children will add jazz to their dance  and adults stretch and get their hearts pumping as they dance to lively jazz rhythms.

Act One pre-school drama and Twinkler Violin classes are for children ages 4-5.  These classes offered in June are introductory classes for the fall / spring class.  The classes provide children with a  start in stage acting and violin playing in small group settings.

Oil Painting for Adults is an on going class for adults on Wednesdays.  The class is open to all adults regardless of experience in the field of oils.  Summer session runs June 7 – July 19.

Music lessons for all ages are offered through out the summer and academic year in voice, piano, guitar, drums, and most orchestra and band instruments.  Lessons are offered weekly in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions.

Visit the Smoke Rise Academy of Arts web page at or call 678-533-0562 for class details and registrations.

LK pic2

Young dancers and Rafiki in The smoke Rise Academy of Arts 
production of Disney’s Lion King, Jr.  March 24, 2017.

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