Shine Club has Successful First Term

On April 27, the first Shine Club term at Smoke Rise Elementary School came to a close with a celebration field trip and ice-cream party to the Smoke Rise Baptist playground. Shine Club is an after-school seed ministry of our church that is organized through our children’s ministry. Shine Club is already making plans for ten meetings at Smoke Rise Elementary School in the Fall school term.

In the first term of the Shine Club, children were encouraged to focus on a different “leadership” value or character trait each session. Using various stations and activities, children were encouraged to find inspiration from three different leaders: a Bible leader, a historical leader, and a contemporary leader. In the first term, children learned about each of the following leadership values: perseverance, vision, honor, encouragement, bravery, and servanthood.

Shine Club is led by Rev. Becky Caswell-Speight with assistance from Rev. Bart McNiel. “Our first term of Shine Club was a success. There are other after-school options for the kids who attend. Still, they keep coming back to us each week. Shine Club is fun, but it also has a personal touch. God is working through the new relationships we are discovering at Shine Club,” said Rev. Caswell-Speight.

“We are thankful for the volunteers who helped us out during the first term. It was really an experiment for all of us,” said Rev. McNiel. “We could not have started the Shine Club without our wonderful volunteers  from our church and  community. We are also grateful for the work of Brandon Patterson, a McAfee Student who worked part time for Shine Club as our resource organizer.”

Shine Club is organized into small stations that are activity based and easily lead by anyone who is willing to open their hearts to kids. “We have always had enough volunteers to hold our club meetings, but we need to expand our volunteer base as we move forward. The more people we have present with us, the better the experience is for all the children we serve,” said Rev. McNiel. “Even if you could only come a couple of days in the Fall term, we could really use more help.”

As a result of the Shine Club, we are building new relationships with families in our community. The parents of children who attend Shine Club have been grateful, and some recently attended the annual Smoke Rise Baptist Easter Egg hunt with their children. In another circumstance, we were able to visit with and minister in a personal way to the family of a Shine Club member whose younger sibling was hospitalized after a major surgery.

If you are interested in volunteering for Shine Club in the Fall 2017 term, please contact the church office.  With the support of volunteers from our church and community we believe Shine Club will continue to flourish.

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