Children / Youth

Ascension Groups

boss-fight-free-high-quality-stock-images-photos-photography-kids-walking-pathTransition is hard and the transition from elementary school to middle school is one of the most difficult. There are also a lot of changes at school, at home, and here at church too. The programs are different. There is more discussion. Students meet when their parents aren’t in the building. Students move from being the oldest of a group to the youngest.  All of these changes are scary. At Smoke Rise we try to help the anxiety of change with our Ascension program. At the end of each year the youth and children’s department begin meeting with 5th graders and their parents to ease the transition. During our program we tour of the youth space. We discuss 5th graders (and parents) fears and concerns. We help the children to begin crafting their own story. (A theme that runs throughout their youth journey. ) We introduce them to some older students and help them to realize they are friendly. We help them find a place in their new group.

This year the youth and children’s department will host two Ascension group sessions on April 30th and May 21st at 5pm. In May the incoming sixth graders will display boards about themselves before and after worship to teach the congregation about the newest group of SRBC leaders. Lastly, on August 4th the children will become full members of the youth group as they attend their first official trip as a youth. This year the trip will be a trip to Six Flags. This time of transition is a big change for parents and children a like. Our hope at SRBC is that Ascension group helps make it just a little bit easier.

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