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Worshipping at Smoke Rise from the May Issue of The CrossTie

May is a musical month at Smoke Rise Baptist Church. Three highlights of the Music Ministry this month are the children’s musical, Yonder, and the Youth Choir and Handbells performing on Graduate Recognition Sunday.

unplugged graphicThe children’s musical, Unplugged # DaretoDisconnect, written by Dennis and Nan Allen, is a delightful collection of songs and conversations that poignantly tells just how much we have become addicted to our electronic devices. The story centers around a family who gets caught up in the latest gadgets, but then quickly realizes that they have a failure to communicate. The Grandparents sing this clever song to express their frustration:

Remember when a mouse was a pest who stole the cheese? 

Remember when “gone viral” meant you shared a sneeze? 

Remember when a hashtag was for playing tic-tac-toe, 

and a web was just a tiny spider’s home?

That’s how it used to be. Remember when?

Remember when, when spam was a can of mystery meat? 

Remember when, the bird was the one who sent the tweet? 

Remember when, a text was just a book you used in class, 

and a net was what a fisherman would cast?

That’s how it used to be. Remember when?

We’ve built a language barrier, a Tower of Babel in present day. 

What we have here, what we have here, is a failure to communicate!

You will hear fun songs, challenging songs, and lovely songs in this presentation. The moral of the musical is that we need to communicate with each other, but more importantly, that we need to communicate with God, who is always there.

We are created in God’s image, we are His daughters and His sons. Every hour and every minute we can meet him one on one,

to walk, to talk, to communicate what we want to say,

for we were made to be together.

We are the branches, God is the Vine. Apart from Him, we won’t survive. 

And every believer – everyone needs to come together.

I look forward to seeing you at all of our musical May events.


Unplugged #DaretoDisconnect is presented by the Children Choristers on Sunday, May 7th at 4pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Yonder May 17th

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