Memorial Garden and Columbarium

The Building and Grounds Committee is pleased to announce that the newly formed Columbarium Council is now receiving pre-sales for the Smoke Rise Baptist Memorial Garden and Columbarium. Because this new service is a self-funding and sustaining ministry of the church, it must sell 90 niches in advance in order to begin construction.

Like the churchyard cemetery of the past, the Smoke Rise Memorial Garden and Columbarium will be a place of dignity and beauty; the final resting place for our loved ones, near the church Sanctuary and Chapel. It will provide a quiet and serene place for contemplation and remembrance. Within the garden will be the Columbarium, Memorial Walls and Scatter Garden. The landscaping of this area will also include a water feature.

Smokerise rendering WC_01-sml (1)

A Columbarium is a place where the cremated remains of loved ones are placed in a small compartment or “niche,” holding the urn of one or two persons. The Scatter Garden will be a place where a person’s cremated remains may be scattered and returned to the earth. Unlike the ashes in a niche, ashes placed in the Scatter Garden cannot be reclaimed. The Memorial Walls will be a place where names of loved ones interred elsewhere or the names of church members who wish to be remembered in this way can be inscribed. Also inscribed on the walls will be the names of those whose ashes are placed in the Scatter Garden.

MG2 (1)

Each niche can accommodate one or two urns at a cost of $2,800.00. For individuals who choose to use the Scatter Garden, an engraved commemorative plaque will be mounted on the Memory Wall at a cost of $400 for one person and $600 for two persons. Please contact the church office to make an appointment to select your niche upon delivery of your payment.

MG1 (1)

The location of the Memorial Garden will be in the courtyard between the Chapel and the Breezeway entrance. The entrance will be open during all church business and activity hours. The renderings below show a great entry into the Memorial Garden, Memorial Plaques, Scatter Garden, and Columbarium for niches.  One side of each Columbarium wall will have a scripture passage engraved such as, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15.

Information Session and Presentation

On the new Memorial Garden and Columbarium

Sunday, May 7, 2017 in Fellowship Hall

Immediately following lunch, just before the Deacon’s Meeting.



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