Our prayer card team is presently sending cards to nearly 60 people each month who are under home or facility care. If you have not picked up your Spring card kits for our Spring rotation, please stop by the table just outside Rev. McNiel’s office.

Thank you to Fredolyn Stitt for her assistance with our Spring card kits.

The Nancy’s Heart Stitcher’s team has delivered multiple caring quilts over the Winter months, and our Visitation Team has also been actively visiting members in facility care who are most vulnerable, alone, or facing transition.

PRAYER CARDS – Card Ministry Team
Sending personal cards to home and facility bound members to encourage and brighten days.

STITCHERS – Quilting & Blankets Team
Sharing the warmth of Christian love with handmade quilts and blankets during difficult times.

Bereavement Team Reaching out to others after the loss of a loved one and walking with them into the future.

VISITATION – Home & Facility Care Team
Visiting homes and facility bound members with smiles, prayers, and personal touch.

Working Families Team Connecting working families through fellowship, service, and mutual support.


For more information or to volunteer to serve on a TouchPoint Ministries team contact: Rev. Bart McNiel, Associate Pastor bmcniel@smokerisebaptist.org 

To update  address  or  contact information for Home &  Facility  Care members contact: Merrilee
Brock, Communications  Coordinator mbrock@smokerisebaptist.org


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