Mark Twain Alive at Smoke Rise!

Experience the wit of one of America’s greatest humorists when Richmond’s David Bailey presents Mark Twain. Dr. Bailey is president of David Bailey Associates of Richmond, Virginia. A former college history professor, he is a veteran of more than 500 performances in 13 states of Mark Twain, Alive.

April 26th in Fellowship Hall

Post Easter Study: Lingering Questions of the Disciples

The disciples had many questions to ponder after the resurrection of Jesus. Dr. Greg Deloach, Director of Development for McAfee School of Theology and Penfield College of Mercer University, will lead the sessions on May 3rd and 10th in Fellowship Hall.

Dealing with Dementia

Do you have a friend or loved one dealing with dementia? Sylvia Dodson will share her experience with this heartbreaking condition and what she learned from it on May 3rd in hopes it will help others. Room 223

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