Media Center FAQs Part III

Here is the final installment of the Smoke Rise Library Media Center Frequently Asked Questions. The complete list is available inside the Library door on top of the book return box. Please stop by and pick up a copy for your future reference.

May I Check Out the Books Displayed in the Glass Case in the Hall? Yes, you may remove the item that you want and check it out by following the directions on the desk in the Media Center. If the door is locked, just leave the checkout card in the display case with your name and phone number on the next blank lines of the card, and we will find it and file it. Currently, we have a display of Madame Alexander dolls that are dressed in Armed Forces uniforms in recognition of Women in Ministry Chaplains, and the case is locked. When this display is removed, the books on display will be accessible. If you are interested in one of the books that are with the dolls, please contact Karen Bates, and she will obtain the book for you until the dolls are removed.

Do You Have a List of the Books in the Media Center? Our book list is now computerized. If a staff member is on duty, they can show you how to use it. In the future, we will designate an “Open House” on a Wednesday night to demonstrate the use of the library catalog. Watch for an announcement about this activity in the Eater’s Digest, the Informer, and the Cross Tie.

How Do I Find the Item I Want on the Shelves? The books are arranged in sections that follow the Dewey Decimal System. Call numbers and letters indicate the “address” of the book or DVD. The children’s books begin with CE or C #; adult books have numbers, F for Fiction, or B for Biography. Youth books have JF or J # or JB. We are working on improving the shelf labeling so sections can be clearly seen, which will make browsing easier. We also plan to display a poster of the call numbers and letters for the subject areas of the Dewey Decimal System.

May I Request a Title for Purchase? Yes, contact Karen Bates batestk@bellsouth.net or Amy Allison atlanta.allison@gmail.com if you know of an item that would be a good addition to our collection.

We hope to see you soon in the Smoke Rise Media Center!

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