Honduras Follow-up

His name is Freddy. He lives in Coyolito Honduras with his wife and six year old daughter. Freddy is well known in the valley as an exceptional motorcycle mechanic. As part of the economic development project with our mission partner HOI, we helped him build a shop for his tools and a shaded area to work. The progress he has made with the help Smoke Rise has given him is outstanding. His business has increased and he is having to hire help from his brother because most of his customers rely on their motorcycle as their only means of transportation. He has opened a small store to sell soup his wife makes cakes and snacks while his customers wait for their bike to be repaired. He is right on schedule and a little ahead in paying back the loan that he received to make these improvements in his business. Smoke Rise is helping change the standard of living for this family. We have provided much needed resources this businessman has used wisely.

Freddy is just one example of multiple economic development projects Smoke Rise has helped develop in Honduras. This kind of investment in the lives of hard working Hondurans is a blessing to us and to them. Freddy is a great example of ROI (return on investment).

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