All In!

logo-all-in-color-whitebgWhen we are truly committed to a cause, we are “all-in.”  We all know folks who are all- in for a college or  professional football team, a favorite television show, or even a favorite ice cream flavor.  At SRBC, we are “all-in” to share Christ’s love. 
Being All-in means that we are supporting the ministries of Smoke Rise Baptist that benefit others. It is a journey that we are on together as we grow spiritually through giving of our time and resources. It is an active form of worship that allows us to grow in our relationship with Christ. 

This year, the Stewardship Committee wants to challenge our congregation with the “All-In” pledge drive. Our goal is that every active member of the congregation submits a pledge to support our God’s work through the SRBC Ministry Plan (Budget).

In big ways and small ways, all of us can be all-in!  Did you know you SRBC is introducing new ways for you to support our ministry plan? Of course, you can still write a check and drop it into the offering plate. And, this year, we want to make it possible to give in a lot of new ways. Would you like to tithe via text-message? What about giving through an app on your smart phone? How about making donations to our various ministries online? Setting up a monthly draft from your checking account? Join our Legacy Society by making Smoke Rise a part
of your will or estate planning. You can even make contributions every time you shop at Kroger or at Amazon!

Pray about your pledge to our stewardship campaign. Consider giving in new and creative ways. Are you All-In?

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