Funding God’s Mission and Work Among Us

The Fiscal 2017 Ministry Budget

Caring for Congregation and Community ($210,100–9.1%)
Caring for our congregation and community is a team effort at Smoke Rise that begins with Pastoral leadership and support that fosters personal touch and connection with each other and our neighbors. Our Pastor and Associate Pastor oversee shepherding ministries that seek to nurture, grow, and sustain our congregation through ministries of personal member and community care, including hospital visits, funerals, home and facility care visits, pastoral in-reach, pastoral outreach, and other ministries of Christian care and watchfulness.

Worshipping and Glorifying God ($356,250–15.4%)
Worship is the heart of our church. We are a congregation that embraces fresh expressions of worship in a traditional format and style. Through music, liturgy, prayer, communion, scripture reading, testimony, teaching, and sermons we draw closer to God and each other as we seek to faithfully follow our calling to be the presence of Christ in our community and beyond.

Cherishing Our Sacred Space ($475,500–20.6%)
We have been blessed with wonderful facilities and a campus that is conveniently located for both local residents and commuters. Because we are able to fund the significant annual expenses necessary to effectively operate and maintain our facilities, grounds, furnishings, and essential equipment, our church remains an inviting and accessible place for us to gather as a church family.

Equipping for Ministry and Service ($536,855–23.2%)
In order to fulfill our mission, our church maintains the necessary tools, support, people, and supplies required for the day to day administrative, accounting, office, communication, fellowship, and other resource needs of our church. The ministries, mission, fellowship and connection that we enjoy through an active and engaged congregational life would not be possible apart from our commitment to equip our leaders, support staff, and congregants for ministry and service.

Making and Growing Disciples ($391,342–16.9%)
Our church supports Christian education, discipleship, and spiritual formation for the youngest and beyond. The ministerial leadership, time, talent, and resources invested in these ministries fosters and supports lifelong discipleship and service among nursery, children, youth, adults, special ministries, women, seniors and others who assure that we are a growing, vital, and spiritually mature body of Christ.

Sharing the Good News ($340,250–14.7%)
In response to our belief that we are called to “be” the church and to fulfill God’s Great Commandment to love our neighbor and make disciples, we dedicate an annual amount based on 9.5% of our total giving for missions and also
budget for new outreach. We support ministerial and other staff who oversee and guide our mission work. Through our mission partnerships and relationships at home, in our country, and around the world, we actively support the advancement of God’s Kingdom and purpose “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Total Proposed Ministry Plan ($2,310,197)
The total proposed budget for fiscal 2017 represents a decrease of $104,645 with some savings of certain administrative costs and anticipated expenses. The total proposed budget is also recommended as realistic in view of anticipated actual expenses. We continue to celebrate and benefit from the generosity of our members who regularly give their time, talents, and money for the support of God’s work at Smoke Rise.


Budget Calendar

Fiscal 2017 Budget Mailing
To members the first week of March

First Q & A Budget Session
Church Conference Room Wednesday, March 15th, 6-7pm

Second Q & A Budget Session
Church Conference Room Wednesday, March 22nd, 6-7pm

Called Church in Conference
for a vote on the Budget The Sanctuary Sunday, March 26th, immediately following 11am Worship.

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